Code Piratenkleider

Piratenkleider 3.3

Ab sofort steht die Version 3.3 von Piratenkleider zum Download bereit.

Im Unterschied zur Version 3.2 wurden im wesentlichen Bugfixes, Codeverbesserungen und Inhaltsupdates (neue Links u.a.) durchgeführt.

Seit der Zwischenversion 3.2.14 haben sich folgende Dinge getan:

Version 3.3
* Added japan pirate party
* Typofix Luxemburg
* Update: Google Site Verification
* Update posters
* CSS/JS mimified now with new tool (netbeans plugin); added serveral min files.
Version 3.2.20:
* Enhancement: Optional Hamburger menu (#123)
* Enhancement: Sort business cards in categories once there are more as 7 elements and categories (#163)

Version 3.2.19:
* Bugfix: #178: enforce relative urls for images and make heigh relative; no cropping for images anymore.
* Bugfix: #181 content in templates
* Bugfix: #183 Delicious-Icon
* Enhancement: more css validation; removed IE7 hacks
* Enhancement: #172 – PoliticsHead Font as default in Scapegoat
* Enhancement: Switch for setting three/two columns for startpage on big sized
screen on default stream

Version 3.2.18:
* Bugfix: invalid html5 tags/properties
* Bugfix: invalid css properties in scapegoat css
* Typofix in templates/imprint.php
* Enhancement: added theme option under tab Social Media for the federated social network Friendica in inc/constants.php
* Enhancement: added function piratenkleider_html_tag_schema to inc/functions.php
* Enhancement: added following microdata item types in html tag: WebPage, Article, AboutPage, ContactPage, Person
* Enhancement: added theme option under tab Misc to assign item types AboutPage and ContactPage to pages determined by the admin
* Enhancement: added type Video for embedded videos, property: embedUrl
* Enhancement: added microdata properties for item type Article: name, articleBody, articleSection, creator, keywords, url
* Enhancement: added microdata properties for item type Person: name, description, email, url
* Enhancement: added microdata properties for item type WebPage/AboutPage/ContactPage: mainContentOfPage, name, image, text
* Enhancement: added microdata for comments meta: comment, interactionCount: content=Usercomments, discussionUrl
* Enhancement: added microdata for comments: commentText, name, commentTime, url, image
* Enhancement: added HTML5 article and header-tags to comments
* Enhancement: added other microdata: breadcrumb, datePublished, image, SiteNavigationElement
* Enhancement: added role=“navigation“ to main navigation in header.php

Version 3.2.17:
* Bugfix/Enhancement: New plakat sliders for brandenburg (#180)
* Typofix: Corrected spelling of ppi (#179)
* Scapegoat-Adaption: max-height instead of  height at thumbnail;
text-align right for date.

Version 3.2.16:
* Bugfix: Color of headers h2/h3 in footer at subdesign Scapegoat
* Bugfix: Bannerlink Image as new thumbnail size defined with cropping
* Bugfix: More space for stickers in header on scapegoat subdesign
* Bugfix: fixed  missing id on 404-page, bug id #177

Version 3.2.15:
* Optical improvements of scapegoat subdesign