Pirate Website Clothing

Pirate Website Clothing  is a german wordpress theme (called „Piratenkleider“) for all german section of the pirate party. This wordpress theme is also usable for pirate parties of other countries:
Pirate Website Clothing allows to set own color codes and an own language setting for front- and backend.


To install Pirate WebsiteClothing download the latest version (see link from the start page) or look at the german download page;You can also use github to get the last version.

After that, unzip the files and copy to the directory „themes/“  within your wordpress installation.

Once you have done this, you can activate the theme as network administrator in the wordpress backend.


Supported languages and colorcodes


  • English language
  • German language

To chance the language, the native wordpress function is used in Settings->General.

To add own language texts, you have to add own .po and .mo-files. A documentation about this can be found here:

Additional and helpful downloads for this:

To edit a  .po file, you could use  Tool Poedit .



  • Orange (as used in Germany)
  • Cyan (as used in Turkey)
  • Violet (as used in Luxembourg)

To chance the colorcode, the options of the theme is used to activate one of the given codes. Otherwise you have to add an own CSS and image files , based on the given files within he directories „css“ and “ images/int“.

If you have questions on this point send a mail to piratenkleider@xwolf.de.